Can a member belong to more than one Chapter
Yes there are special conditions that would allow certain individuals to belong to a second Chapter. Attendance in both chapters must be reasonably maintained and contributions to each chapter must be conscientiously handled. Business exchanges should be fairly spread between both chapters. All such memberships must be approved by the Presidents of both Chapters. Our opinion on this matter shifted due to the argument that people would simply join other networks and spread their business elsewhere which would not be any different than spreading business and contributions between our chapters.
How do I apply for membership in a Chapter?
Your first step is to attend a meeting at the chapter you wish to join. Once you decide the chapter is right for you, discuss the potential for membership with the Chapter President or Vice President and they will facilitate the next steps.

During the Pandemic of 2020 / 2021 you would be attending our online Zoom meetings, once you decide a chapter is right for you, you would contact us via email to discuss joining: Contact Us
I'm new in business. What can this do for me?
If you have a good business and work ethic and you understand the work involved in Business Networks, TRBN can be the fastest way to get your business off the ground. Introducing fellow business people to your business is a great way to get started. Our members always want to help the new business get off the ground. TRBN members can be a great marketing asset, to help you promote the quality work and have high ethical business standards you hold.
How do I know I'll get any referrals after referring to other people?
For the most part we do not spend a great deal of time worrying about individual members exchanging referrals or returning the favor, we tend to look at the group as a whole. TRBN is about Teamwork, there are some business members which just cannot find a referral for certain types of businesses no matter how hard they try. TRBN encourages our members to give and not worry about what they receive, as all the members of the groups are concentrating on giving as well. We all will at some point receive referrals from others who we may not be able to return the favor to, should that cause referrals to cease? Of course not, all of our members work as a team, and that team spirit will even things out to everybody's benefit.
What professions get the most from networking?
It is more a question of the individual than the profession in most cases, the person who shows up, is dedicated to their business team, who works at developing the business relationships will reap the rewards, the person who sits back, is not consistent, and just waits for business to show up, will do poorly. There are certain businesses that do extremely well, because of the wide need for their services and the number of people they deal with on a regular basis. The majority of businesses that belong to TRBN receive repeat or long term business through the network and when that starts to happen to you, the incredible benefits of consistent networking will become quite clear.
I have more business than I can handle now, why network?
Maintaining a fully active network helps to ensure that you continue to enjoy the full schedule, and also helps to make sure that you find more lucrative clients. If you give more leads than you receive, you will often find people offering you discounts and enthusiastic help that might not generally be available to most.
Why only one person from each profession?
This practice ensures that each person gets the maximum benefit from their membership. There is also the factor of avoiding conflict within the group. Many times, hard feelings could be generated if there were two or more people in the same profession competing for leads and the person supplying them had to choose who got them. This avoids uncomfortable situations for all involved.
How can a person attend as a guest?
Usually you are invited by a member or find out about us on our website or Social Media. If you are interested but don't know any members, contact the leadership of the chapter you are interested in and let them know you would like to visit. As a guest you are welcome to check out the group a couple of times before we require a decision, the first visit is to get a feel for the group and the second visit a decision should be made by the group as well as the guest. Members from existing Chapters may visit other Chapters with the express approval of the President of the Chapter that is to be visited.
Are visitors expected to speak in front of the whole group?
Absolutely. This is not a chore but an opportunity to tell the group about yourself and your business, as well as how they can help you. For the most part this will only be for a minute or less. Most people have a fear of public speaking and find that speaking in a group setting helps them improve and eliminate the fear.
Why does TRBN choose not to mandate referrals?
Focusing on referrals and forcing a certain number of leads to be passed per week, invites the 'desperation referral', these referrals waste everybody's time and can also cost reputations. We focus on building business relationships, which result in a more organic approach to passing referrals, once relationships are built, it is only natural to want to help each other succeed which results in true warm leads.
Do members have to bring guests?
The real question is, why wouldn't you want to bring guests to introduce to your fantastic and helpful business team? Visitors do not need to feel like they are being recruited, members can feel free to bring people just to visit the group and meet some great people. If a visitor wishes info on joining, they are welcome to stay and chat with the Leadership Team or contact us about opportunities.
My Business is based on MLM or Direct Marketing, can I join?
Absolutely, but we do require a product or service represented by knowledgeable professionals as the primary focus of membership within our groups. If Financial Services are being represented, the representative must be fully and legally licensed to give financial advice. We have recruiting rules just like any other Business Network and we have them for the simple reason that our Members have jobs or are Self Employed and are not generally looking for new business opportunities.
How would a video testimonial on the front page help my business?
Testimonial videos for the chapter a member is part of, randomly rotate through all the video testimonials we have filmed and uploaded. The videos are directly linked to the member's website which drives traffic and increases Google love. Before the completion of our completely rebuilt website in 2019, the videos were linked to member profiles.