started out simply to offer a way for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and other levels of small or medium sized businesses to work together to compete in an ever expanding business environment, taken over by big box and other large business models with significant marketing budgets, and an ever increasing global reach. In keeping with the small business that we love to support, we have the same small business model, we are an independent small, local to BC business, not a global franchise.

Early on, we discovered we could do so much more, we expanded our vision from a simple Business Referral Network, to an organization that takes it to the next level by embracing various business education methods to help our members compete in the always changing business world. We engage in Mastermind type support for each other, our organization along with all our members are always there for each other in business or even personal struggles, we also strive to build good will within the community we do business in by supporting those in need.
was all too common in yesterdays referral networks. HOW CAN WE SUPPORT EACH OTHER? is where we are at now! We are all in business to succeed, but long term relationships outweigh quick and easy referral exchanges every time, which is why we focus on a sustainable long term networking model. The overall community we have built is a prime example of successful long term relationship building. We have history, Building relationships since 1998 while many other networking groups have come and gone, our Community still thrives. During the Pandemic of 2020 and 2021, we jumped on Zoom the first week and didn't miss a beat.
We have been supporting non profit societies and charities since we created TRBN in 1998, this was another way we established ourselves as one of the more Unique Business Networks in our area. In 2010 we decided to do more, we started sponsoring Families in need within the communities we network in, by way of Community groups and local Christmas Bureaus. The first year was such a success that we found the need to create a non profit society and began hosting fundraiser events to expand our ability to help more families, no one receives any remuneration, TGS is a 100% volunteer organization. Before the Pandemic of 2020 / 2021, we were sponsoring between 30 and 40 families per year, during the pandemic that number reduced by about half due to in person fundraising constraints.

Check out or Facebook page to learn more and to stay up to date on our events: Think Giving Society on Facebook.
We are a business network, not a simple referral network. TRBN encourages the community mindset, we encourage mixing and mingling with other Chapters within our network, we encourage a sharing and giving mindset. TRBN is the place to be when you grow weary of High Pressure, Micro Managed, Forced Referral or Referral for profit Networking Groups.

Simple Referral Networks focus their attention on receiving "Referrals", we prefer to focus on the whole package including business support, mastermind sessions, collaboration between businesses, events, fundraising for those in need within our communities etc. Belonging to TRBN is about building relationships and building trust between members, not simply focusing on referrals, which results in only qualified business being exchanged once trust is established.

Once successful in showing up as a trustworthy, reliable and dedicated individual, members enjoy long term relationships and business success. As we all know, networking your business requires some effort, dedication and participation.
In today's ever expanding business environment, those sharing their knowledge and experience to help others within their strategic groups, ALWAYS gain more than those that think only of what's in it for them. Sharing is an important part of the TRBN Mindset. Our members grow and develop through interaction and collaboration with their fellow members as well as with their community and those in need. The most significant business results are attained through shared experiences, strategy and common goals.
Building relationships within our Business Community with like minded business professionals develops long lasting and mutually beneficial, result driven partnerships. Do you have the drive and desire to expand your Sphere of Influence without added stress or pressure? Start by visiting a local Chapter to experience "Our Way". Membership and Renewals are by INVITATION ONLY ensuring we maintain the highest standards. During the 2020 / 2021 Pandemic, drop by and visit our chapters on Zoom. To get started, contact us via email to find the best suited chapter for you and your business: Click Here
are huge for a skilled networker and learning to be one is not a difficult process. The basics of networking occur when you give someone a referral or business help or receive a referral or business help from someone based on the relationship of trust that has been built between the two of you. That connection is a simple network. And that is, in the end, all that is involved in even the most sophisticated networks. People exchanging connections, or leads, or sharing experiences in order to teach and learn from each other based on the Business Relationship they have built over time to create mutual trust.